We don’t notice how much we rely on water until something goes awry. From a faucet leak to a malfunctioning sprinkler geyser, there are a handful of unexpected curveballs that could be thrown your way. 在锯, we want to minimize these frustrating occurrences and offer help when they inevitably do come up. Next time you’re dealing with a water mystery, we’ve got the solutions you need.


Nobody is using the shower or the washing machine, so why do you hear the sound of running water in your home? You may have a leak—this is how you can know for sure.

  1. Turn off all flowing water in your home, including dishwasher, showers, and irrigation systems. Locate your water meter (most are located in the front of the home).
  2. Remove the cover and look for the small triangle or diamond on the water meter. If it’s spinning, that means water is still running in your home and you most likely have a leak.
  3. 如果三角形没有旋转, then you’ll have to do some detective work on all the possibilities, 包括厕所, 水软化剂, 和游泳池. Shake down the usual water-wasting suspects with 本指南.
  4. If you still can’t identify the culprit, call our 保护 Department at 210-704-SAVE (7283). 你也可以访问这个网站 资源节 在我们的网站上.


So you did your home leak inspection and saw signs of a potential leak? 没有恐惧. Fixing some leaks is a relatively simple process that you can do on your own.

If the leak is at an indoor faucet, follow these steps:

  1. Turn off water under the sink or the customer shut-off valve.
  2. 拆下手柄螺丝和手柄.
  3. 拆卸填料和阀杆螺母.
  4. 旋开阀杆(用手).
  5. Inspect stem threads for wear; replace if needed.
  6. 取代旧洗衣机.
  7. 检查阀座的粗糙度. 如果是,纠正或替换它.
  8. Put it all back together and turn on the water supply. 检查泄漏.

If the leak is in an outdoor faucet, follow these steps:

  1. Turn off water using the shut-off valve located at your meter box.
  2. Using a wrench, remove the valve body at the large nut. Caution: These instructions are not to REPLACE the entire faucet—only to repair the valve.
  3. If necessary, use a screwdriver to remove the nut that holds the knob together and remove the knob. (This step depends on the type of outdoor faucet used.)
  4. Loosen joints on knob using penetrating oil (if needed).
  5. Use an adjustable wrench to unscrew nut and remove the faucet assembly from wall.
  6. Remove the assembly and inspect it for corrosion.
  7. If faucet assembly is stuck, soak the joints with penetrating oil for several hours. 一旦油把水龙头弄松了, hold stem with pliers and tap them with a hammer to pop the assembly off.
  8. 拆卸将总成固定在一起的螺丝.
  9. 用锥子把旧的垫圈拆下来. Replace the washer; cover with plumber’s grease and install the washer.
  10. 更换墙上的总成. Turn the water back on at the meter and check for leaks.

If it’s your toilet that’s leaking, then follow 本指南 to avoid wasting around 1,440 gallons every day.


There’s nothing like stepping outside into your backyard for a breath of fresh air and seeing your sprinkler head gushing like Old Faithful. 如果这是真的, or perhaps the flow is uneven or the sprinkler keeps running after it’s not supposed to, 看看 本指南 to help troubleshoot common sprinkler problems.



Water pressure within SAWS’ service area can range from 35-175 pounds. If you have a water softener or sprinkler system, the recommended maximum water pressure is 80 pounds. You can determine what your home’s water pressure is by using a gauge (can be purchased at most home improvement stores). If your pressure is too high, you can control it with a pressure-reducing valve. If your water pressure is too low, ask yourself these questions to discover the correct solution.


If your sewer line gets clogged, your toilets and tubs will start backing up. As this is an urgent and more complicated issue, we recommend calling a licensed plumber to televise your line and clean any blockage on your side of the main. If you need assistance cleaning up the mess that resulted, call a remediation (cleaning) company. 最后, call SAWS at 210-704-SAWS (7297) to report the back-up so we can dispatch a team to inspect our sewer main. If there is a blockage or collapsed pipe on the SAWS side of the main, 我们将清除并修复这条线路.


The majority of home water repairs are easy fixes, but if you feel overwhelmed or don’t have the capability to solve your issue, 请咨询持牌水管工. If you have a 保护 question or would like to take advantage of a free irrigation consultation, 给我们打个电话预约一下.